Mount Sinai Holy Trinity Theology College Commences Extension Program

Dec 11, 2019

Mount Sinai Holy Trinity Theology College launched a Continuing (extension) Certificate Program in General Thoeology this Academic Year. The program was designed to address the needs of those laity who were unable to attend the regular Degreee and Diploma Programs on offer at the nascent College.

Presently over 100 students are enrolled in this program that is offering: Pastoral Theology, Dogma and Bible Studies, Christian Ethics, Church History, Homiletics, Comparative Theology as well as introductory courses on Law, Principles of Accounting and of Management.

It is to be recalled that, already on its third year academic round, the Mount Sinai Holy Trinity Theology College is teaching around 120 students in its Regular Degree and Diploma Programs aimed at monks, the clergy and deacons.

The College aims to evaluate this pilot program and to widen its scope so as to provide the clergy with continuing (extension) Certificate level training in Geez Language, Administration, Accounting and Canon Law, in order to address skilled manpower shortages at the offices of the Church.

Moreover, in the near future, the College plans to give six-month-long clergy training programs to those clergy, whose academic level is lower; distance learning program is also planned to the clergy in and outside Asmara as well as abroad.

Following recommendations by the Quality Audit team and questionnaire follow-ups by the Patriarchate Office, new efforts are underway to enhance the quality and relevance of the programs on offer in the College.  As part of this enhancement program: the College has embarked on a set of improvement programs, which include: setting up of departments and nominating respective department heads, enhancing the research and publication efforts, setting up a research journal and hiring additional teaching and administrative staff.

By the end of the 2019/2020 Academic year, the College will graduate over 100 Certificate level students and will deploy its first batch of Diploma level students for a year-long church service and internship program.

As of today, the Mount Sinai Holy Trinity College is teaching over 220 students in two Regular and One extension programs. The College, which commenced its teaching-learning service following the decision of the Holy Synod three years ago, and is on its third year of service, is funded wholly by the Church.