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The Fast of Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Aug 07, 2020

This fast lasts from Nehassie (August) 1 to 16. Our Lady departed on 21 of Ter (January) in 50 A.D. while the Apostles were taking her body for burial at Gethsemani, the Jewish priests dispersed them.

At this time the Angels took our Lady’s body to paradise and put it under the Tree of Life.

Saint John the Apostle, used to be taken to paradise to burn incense over her body. When he told this fact to the Apostles, they went for retreat and fasted for two weeks, praying to God to reveal this mystery to them. On the fourteenth day of their fast the Angels brought our Lady’s body and gave them to bury it.

On the third day, on the 16th of August (Geez Calendar) her Assumption took place. From that time onwards, the Apostolic Church observes the fast of our Lady’s Assumption.

During these days, all members of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church, even children above the age of 7 fast, pray and partake of the Holy Communion.

This religious devotion testifies love to our Pure virgin st. Mary , the Mother of God.